Stonehenge Cards Are Online!

We’re coming into a new era at Stonehenge Designs. After this past, extremely difficult year, we’ve had conversations about the sustainability of our business. What does it look like to sell greeting cards in 2021 and beyond?

Our nationwide reps are still going strong and the network is rebuilding as people welcome back more and more customers. 

We’re excited to continue selling cards wholesale to stores across the country. As they open up, we’ve been filling orders and it has been pure delight to reconnect and help our longtime customers restock their card racks. 

It’s exciting to pick up where we left off with so many of our customers and to continue growing our presence in bookstores, specialty grocery stores, library shops, gift stores, garden stores, and so many other delightful retail spaces. 

In addition to all of this, we see an opportunity to grow even more by growing our online sales even more. But before we get into that, let’s get a little cheesy about Stonehenge and why we keep doing what we’re doing.  


With so many difficult things happening in our communities and around the world, it’s really easy to lose heart. 

Want to know one thing that’s getting us through? Our company. These cards. The process of creation, using beauty and joy as our guides. 

Every single card we design, print, and sell is one more heart offering. We imagine each of them ending up in the hands of someone who needs to feel uplifted and loved. We could not be more thankful to have the opportunity to put goodness into the world.


Everyone is welcome at Stonehenge. Everyone is welcome in our homes. Everyone is welcome in our hearts. We know this sounds completely hokey but we couldn’t mean it more. 

All people deserve to be welcomed. All people deserve to be celebrated. All people deserve a card in the mail or a gift on the doorstep. 


Our bookmarks are a gift but also a message: Read. Get outside yourself. Challenge yourself to consider different perspectives and to learn something new. 

By continuing to put bookmarks in people’s hands, we’re inviting them to put them to use. We love being a subtle part of this all-important, deeply hopeful message. 

No matter what, we still have ideas. We always have books.


This is what ties everything together for us. As Jacquie says, “We do sell greeting cards, but it goes beyond that. It’s all about connection.” We want people to nurture their relationships and develop new ones. We want to encourage deep conversation, laughter, and dreaming.

Is all of this too grand for a small greeting card company? We don’t think so. These values are the enduring part of Stonehenge. We love our beautiful office. We’re proud of our products. But it’s really all about connecting with each other and with other people.

So, then…

So we want to do even more of this! And the way to do it is to expand our online sales so we can be an even more sustainable business and spread more joy.

As more and more people have been buying our cards online, we’ve realized that this can be a way to reach people who don’t buy cards at their local stores. Or, perhaps, to people who live in an area where Stonehenge cards aren’t on the racks. 

So you’ll see more from us as we move forward about how to buy online. It’s an exciting new development for us and, we hope, for new customers, too. 

We hope you’ll shop our cards. We hope that shopping for a card is a delightful experience for you. And we hope you’ll use Stonehenge cards to send out all the good feelings to people you love.