Our Top-Selling Birthday Cards For Friends

The bonds between friends are special—and different from the ones we share with family members and colleagues. That’s why we create birthday cards specifically for the friends who feel like family.

Friendship is about understanding each other, having (and offering) a ready ear, and simply being together. Our cards reflect this. Or, rather, we should say they reflect you and your deepest feelings about the people who mean the most.

Here are three of our favorites. (They’re our customers’ favorites, too.)


"Friendship isn't a big thing — it's a million little things."

— Anonymous

We couldn’t love this quote more. Each of us has a special person or small collection of people who know us so well, they could order take-out for us—from any restaurant. These are the people you’ve known for a lifetime, or for what feels like one. Over time, it’s really the million little things that bond us to our friends. 


“The road to a friend’s house is never long.”
— Danish proverb

This image is from Jacquie’s visit to Segesvár, Transylvania, a walled medieval town designated as a World Heritage Site. Jacquie snapped this photo in one of its quaint streets when she traveled to the region for a film project in 2008.

This street—at once mythical and brightly painted—reminds her of friends: nestled close together, like they’re gossiping over tea. 


"Friends are flowers in life’s garden."

— Proverb

Jacquie happened upon this scene just as her group was boarding a bus in Cashel, Ireland, while on a choir tour.

For context, this was taken right outside the ruins, around which the town is constructed. The juxtaposition of ancestry and ruins with this welcoming, homey scene was like moving from a black-and-white picture to color. Isn’t that how it feels when you’ve found a lifelong friend?