No matter what’s going on, show your people some (paper) love

Hello, dear Stonehenge friends!

We’re excited to let you know that 12 new designs for our Special Occasion line are printed and ready for you to order! Featuring images from Jacquie’s travels last summer, 2 designs from a new Portland artist, and art from Stonehenge’s youngest featured artists yet, this round of new designs has something for everyone.

This batch includes 6 birthday cards, 2 celebration cards (for graduation or retirement), 1 thank-you card, 1 anniversary card, and 2 sympathy cards.

We’re so excited to be able to offer you a dozen brand-new designs to show your people some love.

See all 12 new designs here!


Some highlights on our new card release

mountain stream in Alaska - sympathy greeting card

Mountain Stream

Jacquie took this photo on a hike in Alaska with Nadia, her granddaughter, last August. It was a special trip on its own: Nadia chose the destination based on nothing but a desire to see this part of the world. The two of them explored nature on trail hikes, checked out a muskox farm, got to know Anchorage, and played each other their favorite music as they drove around in a rental car.

The trip also turned out to be a bit of a premonition. Last winter, Nadia decided to attend college in Alaska. This August, she’ll launch her adult life up in Fairbanks. Wish her luck! And wish your own people luck as they embark on their special journeys.


close-up of bright red and orange tulips - birthday greeting card with quote "Friends make the world beautiful."

Tulips Galore

We can’t resist tulips! Jacquie took this photo at the height of the season and, honestly, we can’t get enough of these rich colors. We think this card is the perfect way to say “happy birthday” to any of your beloved ones.


2 girls wading in the ocean - birthday greeting card


Sarah’s kids have made yet another appearance on a card! This time, they’re splashing in the waves of the Pacific Ocean. This one’s a birthday card to give to a friend or family member you love having in your life.

We, of course, love the cards with our pets and kids on them. But our decision to make their images into cards goes deeper than a parent’s love.

By printing cards with images that are personal to us, we also give you a window into the Stonehenge world. Stonehenge is officially the two of us. But it’s not just the two of us. “We” are our kids, our friends, our families, our neighborhoods, and our greater community.

Sarah’s girls are a part of it. They did online school here throughout the pandemic, have spent many after-school and weekend hours in the studio, and now they’re official contributing artists. (Click here and here to see the cards they created.)

Our partners, Pat and John, are a part of it. They both move boxes, help us reorganize the storage room, hang pictures, and act as sounding boards when we’re working on something new or dealing with the many twists and turns that happen when you run a small business.

Our friends are part of it. They listen, offer ideas, proofread, promote our cards, and celebrate with us.

And YOU are a part of it! We are honored to do business with such fabulous people. THANK YOU!

Our luck isn’t lost on us. Because of this wider “we,” the two of us get to continue this work. We’re not in this to make our fortune, but in a way, we have—and do—every day. This business is a sustaining lifestyle. It’s a way to love and respect one another and the world. It’s doing something we care about with our time and providing people with a positive way to love and respect their people.

These are some of the reasons why doing business the way we do is important to us. We hope you feel that way about the work you do too. Let’s spread lightness and joy!

Warmly, Sarah and Jacquie (and Honey)

Sarah and Jacquie, hard at work in the office with shop dog, Honey, hanging out too