Spring Means Porch Pickups

All the beautiful spring things

Spring flowers blooming amid a green background

The other day we were talking about spring and Sarah said, “It’s my very, very favorite, favorite time of year!” Suffice it to say, we are giddy


Mild walks along the river. 

Spring light in the garden. 

Jacquie loves the changing light, the gloom lifting, and her garden coming to life, plant by plant. Last year she took her calendar and wrote down the date that each plant started blooming, day by day. 

This year, that calendar is like a time map: she can follow along as everything pops up in order. The dafne. The daffodils. The currant outside her kitchen window. 

The garden is grounding. In a literal way, first. But also psychologically. It’s a comfort to watch each plant bud and bloom, according to its own schedule. 

Maybe that’s why so many of our cards feature flowers: They’re both ephemeral and everlasting. We simply never get tired of the seasonal rhythm: the anticipation, enjoyment, and memory flowers evoke for us all.

Speaking of, Sarah and her girls went down the waterfront several weeks back and beheld, along with what seemed like everyone in the greater Portland area, the cherry blossoms. 

It was a scene—in the best way possible. Loads of people were wandering under the trees. And there were countless photo shoots going on. Pregnancy photos, engagement photos, and even a photographer capturing a quinceañera. Everyone was happy. What gorgeous memory-making.

After the cherry blossom walk, they visited a favorite Greek food cart, one that’s been in the same spot with the same menu for 17 years. Like the blooms, we all just keep doing what we do best, year after year. 

That includes Stonehenge. Read below for some more about what we’re doing over here in our pretty little studio. We have some new cards coming out soon. (Stay tuned.) In the meantime, scroll down to see a collection of some of our favorite springtime cards plus details about our new porch pickup option!

We hope you feel like you’re in a good life rhythm this spring. Thank you for supporting our business and for being part of our wide and wonderful circle. 

Jacquie & Sarah


Birthday kittens + blooms for Mom

Our social media feeds are full of fuzzy, adorable spring animals. The other day we saw a video of a baby duck snoozing in the sun that we probably watched 10 times on a loop. (What else could we do??)

We do baby animal adorableness pretty well ourselves, along with flower cards just for Mother’s Day (coming up on May 9).

Here are a few of our seasonal favorites:


Sarah’s kittens, Lily and Buttercup, have grown up around books. If you have a kitten-loving, book-loving friend with a spring birthday, this is just for them.


What more could you—or anyone—want other than ridiculously cute snuggly kittens? This card features Lily and Buttercup entwined in best-friends bliss. Another birthday card for your cat people.


Okay, we actually have another kitten birthday card for you. Sorry, we couldn’t resist giving you a peek.

Summer Snow

Even though it’s not summer yet, this Mother’s Day card has all the brightness of spring going for it. Plus, it’s definitely time to start looking for a card for your mom.

Flowers for Mom

These lavish sprays of flowers are just for your mom. This Mother’s Day card tells her, simply, that you appreciate her love.


Porch pickups

Cute little doggie in the doorway with a package waiting for pickup

Are you local to the Portland area? If so, you can now swing by to pick up your cards in person

Enter the code PORCH when you order we’ll waive the shipping fee and leave your order on our porch. If you have a sec, drop in to say hello!