🐶 The Dog Days of Summer

All the dogs, all the time

7 different greeting cards, all featuring pictures of dogs

National Dog Day is coming up on August 26 and we’re SO ready!

To celebrate, we’re offering 20% off ALL our dog cards through the end of August! No need for a coupon code, you’ll see the discount automatically applied at checkout.

We not only love our own dogs, but we love the idea of dogs, these sweet companions who make our lives better just by being there. There are so many lessons, so much to be learned from these friendly fellow beings.

You already know that our cards feature original images (no stock photos here—ever). But you may not know that each of our dog cards features an actual companion of someone in our families. So there’s a story behind each furry face.


We ♥️ Rescues!

Jacquie and Sarah have a soft spot for rescue pups. Don’t get us wrong: we love the purebred pals in our families, too. But our mixed-breed dogs bring us a lot of joy and we’re glad we’ve been able to play a part in providing homes for some sweet, silly mutts.

You never know what you’re going to get with a rescue. They’re a little quirky.

Take Honey, Sarah’s dog.

Honey the dog, looking over the seat of a car, looking adorable


She’s an even-tempered, stuffed-animal-like pet who loves to just be an adorable, low-maintenance companion.

Until UPS comes to the door: poor Honey is terrified of boxes. Which, for a shop dog in a business like Stonehenge that generates income by shipping orders all over the country, is a pretty significant hurdle. It’s like immersion therapy around here!

She’s getting better. Every time Sarah brings a new box into the office or her house, she lays out a trail of treats to encourage Honey to approach the box. She’s almost there. (She won’t eat the treat that’s sitting on the box. Not quite yet.)

We don’t mean to make light of this. Sarah knows that Honey’s reaction is a trauma response. Lucky for Honey, she has lots of people who love her to help her when she’s scared.

By the way, Sarah recently had a DNA test done on Honey and she is pretty much everything: 39% poodle, 14% chihuahua, 14% cocker spaniel, and 7% American Eskimo, with smatterings of Pomeranian, Shitzu, and many others. She’s a perfect mutt, through and through.

We immortalized Honey with her own card during our latest print run. You’ve got to order this one—look at that face!

Honey the dog, taking a nap on her favorite orange chair


Other All-Star Dog Cards

Sugar in the Sun


Sarah’s dog, Sugar, got a whole line of cards. (And yearly birthday parties, too.) This card captures Sugar’s sweetness and dogness perfectly. We love and miss her so. See the whole Sugar line here.  


Dog Paddle


This is Mick, one of Jacquie’s brother and sister-in-law’s many lovable golden retrievers. Such a good boy. He was lucky enough to swim in Lake Austin on many, if not most, of the days of his life. Sweet dog, sweet life.


Beach Reflections

Que (pronounced like cue) was the best-worst dog ever. He could jump five feet up from a standing position (to see out the window at the top of the door), punch his paw through a plate glass window and live to tell about it, and steal food from the tallest of counters. Que left us this year and do we ever miss this naughtiest love bunny. Here he is at the beach back when Sarah’s daughter was just a toddler, trying to keep up.



In Jacquie’s son’s and daughter-in-law’s house, they have a big collection of sticks that Zoe brought home throughout her life. She loved a good stick. (There were so many to find!) She loved her people. And she was probably the most obedient dog ever. 


Once, Steve left a steak dinner on the coffee table to grab a phone call and when he came back 15 minutes later, having forgotten that he’d left it out, Zoe was still sitting there quietly—the dinner still intact. What a dog. What a friend.



Jacquie’s daughter and her family adopted Linden about 10 years ago. Even though he was almost a year old, he hadn’t been introduced to stairs yet. And he wasn’t pleased with the hard floors in the kitchen and bathroom. 


When the family uncovered the hardwoods in a nook off the living room, he promptly stopped going in there. Well, more accurately, he’ll walk through it but he won’t stop. It doesn’t matter that he loves his ball almost as much as his dinner: if the ball rolls in there, it’s dead to him. 




Ladybird is a true rescue. Jacquie’s brother and sister-in-law brought her home after someone they knew found her on a farm, dangerously thin and in dire need of care. Once she was healthy again, she liked to escape and lope around the neighborhood, taking in the Texas air. She left this world last year, leaving a giant bloodhound-sized space on the couch behind. Sweet Ladybird, we miss you so. So much to love.



A few years after Jacquie’s first dog, Heidi, died, she brought home Alex from the pound (as a surprise!). He used to run a circuit around the first floor that included a flying leap off the back of the family room couch. Alex barked a lot (he had a lot of terrier in him), trotted happily around the neighborhood on his daily walks, and really, really loved the beach. 

Who’s your best dog friend?


Have any too-cute-not-to-share photos of your dog? Send them our way! We always love celebrating our loyal, furry friends.