It’s Time For Graduation Cards!

Sugar and Sand

This popular card features our shop dog, Sugar. Sugar was the life of the (birthday) party and queen of the beach. She spent so much time on the Oregon coast that we can’t exactly recall where this one was taken, but it was probably on the rocky, breathtaking shores of Manzanita. 

Her exuberance and playfulness lives on in the cards in our Sugar Series, which each include a quote by Sugar herself! 


When Sarah saw this scene, she couldn’t help thinking about a graduation procession. This graduation card is a perfect gift for anyone who’s watched a child grow up—whether it’s their own child, a niece or nephew, a neighbor, or the child of a longtime friend. 

Few moments are as significant as watching them receive a diploma or degree. This beautiful image begs the question: What’s next out in the big, wide world?

Sunny Flowers

Jacquie has beheld and documented flowers all around the world, in  Transylvania, San Pancho, Mexico, at the Summer Palace in Beijing, the tulip fields near Amsterdam, to name a few.

She snapped this photo of sunflowers in the rural fields of France on the way to the Dordogne Valley, at the golden hour. It was one of the many times she pulled off the road and grabbed her camera. The message in this card, “It’s your time to bloom,” is just the way to celebrate and encourage your new graduate.


On the Move

This Montana pup—the sidekick of one of Sarah’s closest friends—knows just where to go and how to get there, don’t you think? 

With a perky Dr. Seuss quote and a dog disposition to match, this card embodies the emotions of the graduate and of those who are wishing them well: optimism, hope, anticipation, and a long, open road paved with possibility. 


When Jacquie took a watercolor tour of Italy, she took her camera along, too. She captured these in Assisi, one of her favorite villages on the tour. 

This card, with its invitation to “Chase your wildest dreams,” is like giving a bouquet of flowers to your graduate. They’re fresh and bright, like graduation day itself. And what better way to celebrate than to adorn the day with splashes of color and joy?