Shrinky Dinks, Choir masks, and Our Biggest Achievement in 2021

Perhaps we’ll be saying this every December for a while but...friends, what a YEAR.

It’s dizzying to think back to where we were a year ago: no vaccines, restaurants closed up, our customer base of bookstores and boutiques barely scraping by, distanced outdoor get-togethers in the cold. So much has happened. 

What happened with Stonehenge

Our PPP loan helped us emerge from the Covid bunker. And all of you—customers, reps, friends, and collaborators—helped Stonehenge survive and grow. Our gratitude will never feel wide and deep enough to hold every online order, compliment, and kind word we’ve received over the past year. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Our focus this year was figuring out how to get back to business when so many of our stockists were closed or limiting their orders. This led us to ramping up our online shop, which is a big success! We’ve found a new group of customers who either don’t have access to Stonehenge cards in their communities or who prefer to shop online for health or other reasons. We love making connections with them and being able to offer our full range of cards to anyone, anytime.

A big moment for us was in August, when Sarah and Jacquie finally got to work in the office together again. During lockdown, we took turns going in to fill orders and keep the place running. But we missed being together. It didn’t feel like Stonehenge without the two of us. And it was hard. Think of us bundled and masked up on Sarah’s front porch with a laptop, trying to finalize new designs. We did it, but are we ever glad we get to collaborate inside and in person!

Independent bookstores are back! 

After 21 months in a pandemic, many of our favorite indy bookstore partners have opened up again. Thank goodness. We’re thrilled for the many communities that have places, once again, where they can browse titles and racks of cards to put together the perfect gift. 

We’re also delighted that, despite everything, new bookstores are still opening! 

Quail Run Books in Green Valley, Arizona is one of them. The owners are following a dream and bringing Stonehenge along with them—they have a great selection of our cards in the shop. Stop by if you’re in the area. 


Are there any new or open-again bookstores you love in your community? Drop us a line and tell us where you love to buy your books and cards!

What happened with us

This year, Sarah and her family:

  • Adopted Honey!
  • Bought a Toyota Dolphin and took it on some trips.
  • Broke up the sibling rivalry by upending their home to give the girls their own bedrooms. (Covid definitely made THAT need clear!)
  • Returned to a normal school experience and schedule.
  • Got vaccinated!
  • (Re)discovered the magic of Shrinky Dinks! They never, ever get old.

This year, Jacquie:

  • Played piano and continued singing. Her backyard studio was a refuge, especially during lockdown. 
  • Started taking French with one of her closest friends in anticipation of being able to travel again. Of all the places she’s visited, France really has her heart. 
  • Started rehearsing with her community choir again, with her sweetheart and dearest friends. (They’re all vaccinated and wear special choir masks to stay safe while they sing.) 
  • Studied her family’s genealogy and, because of her sleuthing, found and visited her great-great-grandfather’s house in Boston during a special trip with her daughter.
  • Traveled with her grandson (to Chicago), and her granddaughter (to Anchorage) for GretaTravel Camp!

Thank you again for supporting us. Despite—or perhaps because—of everything, we are grateful for our health, our loved ones, and for everyone who made the world more tolerable, funnier, and more compassionate this year. That includes you. Thank you for linking arms with us.