Buy Independent! Annie Bloom’s Books

Annie Bloom’s is one of our favorite local bookstores. The shop was founded in 1978, just a couple of years before Jacquie’s big move to the Pacific Northwest. It feels like the shop has always been here for us, and also like it’s always been

We’re not the only ones who feel this way. Erin Kaempf, the shop’s card and gift buyer, says many of their loyal customers have been shopping with them for decades and decades. “So often we hear from folks that they spent their childhood shopping here and now they are bringing their own children to browse the shelves.”

The shop has a huge following of book lovers who frequent the Multnomah Village store for its selection of books, which can be described as a wide-ranging variety influenced by the voracious reading habits of its staff. If you click on the Staff Favorites tab on their website, in fact, you can peruse each staff member’s list of recommended reads. 

Like any good local bookstore, Annie Bloom’s also carries greeting cards, games, paper goods, and other book-related art and gifts. Erin says they make a point of offering goods by local artists and makers that “celebrate books and reading.” 

“Many of our card lines are local Portland artists,” she says, “and, of course, we love Stonehenge especially. (So do our customers).” 

We’ve been selling our cards to Annie Bloom’s since Jacquie founded the business in 1997 and feel grateful that, all this time, we’ve been able to supply their readers with sentiments to accompany the many bookish gifts they’ve given over the years. Would you believe that more than 20,000 Stonehenge cards have gone out into the world through Annie Bloom’s alone? We can hardly believe it. Stonehenge and Annie Bloom’s are true kindred spirits. 

Erin says their customers love our book-themed cards and notes that “we have a hard time keeping Deborah DeWit cards on the shelves!”

If you visit the store, you may be greeted by shop cat Molly Bloom who has her own adoring fan base. And you’ll be surrounded (masked, of course) by the very people who have kept the shop afloat through the pandemic. 

“We owe it all to them for making these past few COVID years successful,” Erin says. “As arduous and unprecedented as the last few years have been, they made it possible for us to be here and for us to have very little change in our operations and staffing. It's a privilege to serve this community.”


You can order books from Annie Bloom’s online and visit their events page for virtual live readings and events. They also have a YouTube channel.


Thank you for our yearslong partnership, Annie Bloom’s! You are an integral part of our community and we couldn’t be more grateful.