A Stonehenge Update (psst... it’s time to order holiday cards)

Dear family and friends, 

Well, it’s been a year! Again. Sarah and Jacquie are weathering the pandemic by making sure the studio is safe (we work on opposite days if we need to) and protecting our loved ones. We mask up, we stay home when we can, and when we eat at restaurants we sit outside. We’re getting our outdoor patio spaces ready for another winter of outdoor entertaining.

Despite everything, we had so many great moments over the past year. During the warmest months of 2021, we saw so many friends, went on lots and lots of walks, and adventured far and wide. It was a year of discovery and laughter. We’re so grateful.

Thanks to our amazing customers, our business is steady and getting stronger. We printed new card designs this fall (including several that feature Jacquie’s watercolors) and we’re already selling a bunch of our holiday cards. We can’t believe it’s already time to plan meals and wrap gifts! Sneaks up on us every year.

We hope you have wonderful celebrations and that, after they’re over, you’ll use the enclosed bookmark to save your place in a thick novel. ‘Tis the season for reading!

We hope you and yours are getting through these times alright. We are so grateful for you.

With love,
Jacquie and Sarah

P.S. Need to write a year-end update like this one to your people? Send your Solstice, Christmas, or New Year’s update with a Stonehenge card! Here are some of our favorites:

Settle In

Front: "Winter was made for warm blankets and long books."


Inside: Wishing you a season of good books and the time to read them. Happy Holidays!

Inner Light

Front: “In the depth of winter I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.” 

—Albert Camus

Inside: Here’s to brighter days and new beginnings. Happy Solstice!


Front: Merry and Bright!

Inside: wishing you all the joy of the season