Sneak Preview: New Watercolor Designs

Jacquie’s mother, Margie, was a watercolorist. So many of her portraits exist that the family can’t track them all. Growing up around paint and canvases, it makes sense that Jacquie would pick it up herself. And now, a few of her watercolors—from a painting trip in Europe several years back—are Stonehenge cards!

We’re thrilled to present them to you—sweet scenes for your dear ones.

Collioure Harbor

Thank much.

Bookmark: Ever more thanks. —William Shakespeare 

With her travel watercolor kit and little watercolor paper book, Jacquie sat in Collioure, a town in Southern France, near the border with Italy. On the beach she sketched this harbor and café scene. Just where you (and all of us) would love to be. 

French Café

Happy you.

Bookmark: Rejoice in who you are.

On the same beach, just down from the harbor, Jacquie sketched this idyllic seaside town. It’s enchanting in its simplicity: a palm tree, umbrellas, balconies, with a glimpse of both sea and hills.


Happy my friend.

Bookmark: Friendship isn’t a big thing, it’s a million little things.

In Italy Jacquie sketched the veranda and the two chairs in her room. The scene was just the place where two friends could sit and talk. From this simple little room in the center of town she could hear the bustling street sounds below.


Thank much.

Bookmark: There is simply the rose. It is perfect in every moment of its existence. Ralph Waldo Emerson

This delightful watercolor was inspired by the Double Delight rose bush in her yard that was given to them by dear friends. (You could say this is a triple delight!) We think there’s always room for another thank-you card like this one.