Sneak Preview: New Photo Designs

Our new card designs include two photographs, each featuring a single bloom. It’s our invitation to recognize the people in your lives and let them know you see them and are thinking of them. 


When Jacquie captured an image of this single calla lily blooming in her yard—with its gentle spiral hinting at eternity—it was obvious to both her and Sarah what kind of card it would become. 

This single bloom is the only one that has ever appeared on Jacquie’s calla plant, which captures perfectly the way we feel about our loved ones when they move on: each person is singular, beautiful, irreplaceable, and striking to those who knew and loved them, whether they lived simple or complicated lives.

We pay special attention to our sympathy cards at Stonehenge. No flowery, syrupy language. No over-the-top sentiment.

You know how they say that the best thing you can do for someone who’s grieving is to simply show up and be with them? Our sympathy designs are the paper version of that. Just love, presence, and a shared appreciation for the person you’re remembering together. 


Happiest birthday wishes to you.

One afternoon, the sun shone on Jacquie’s kitchen table and backlit a rose in a bud vase that she had brought in from the garden.

The sudden moment of high color—the red of the bloom, the primary colors in the tablecloth—gifted her another moment of balance and wellbeing, as her house often does. 

As you might expect of an artist (and the daughter of an artist), Jacquie pays close attention to the colors in her house. The walls are melty Tuscan shades; the goods filling the space are homey, textured, and collectible. The home she shares with her sweetheart is eclectic but not studied, the kind of place where you know you can nestle in, nursing a mug of coffee, cinnamon-sprinkled eggnog, stiff tea, or a nip of whiskey (this writer has had each, perched on the berry-red couch, on countless occasions) and dish on the latest headlines.  

This rose is a birthday wish and an invitation to a friend (or anyone, really) to share in just this kind of camaraderie and togetherness—even if your friend is far from you.