From Motherhood to Livelihood: Shaping Your Life to Shine Both Ways - A Workshop Series

There are moments in motherhood when the need or desire to engage in paid work collides with the demands of being present for your children.

Our culture lacks a pathway for mothers as they struggle with this conflict.

We feel called to provide space for this evolution; we embrace a supportive path

achieved through connecting deeply with your intuition, clearing conflicting beliefs, and gaining diamond clarity in your purpose-- these lead to wealth in all its forms.

What would it look like for your mothering and working lives to support each other?

What would it look like for your life to shine both ways?

Join Megan deBoer and Barb Robitaille for a series of evening workshops; immerse yourself in a space of healing with other women who are seeking clarity managing the delicate balance between being a mother dedicated to her children’s well-being and thriving as a competent, wage-earning force in the workplace.

Workshop series June 15th, 22nd, 29th

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